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SA Institute is an educational center of English Montreal School Board (EMSB). We offer Loan and bursary Program (DVS), International Experience, Academic and Art Program for Kids and Teens, and Linguistic Training.

Vocational Training DVS

Thrive on the creative energy of a new career? SA Institute is for you! The tuition free program will give you a solid education as well as resources and tools necessary for success in your future career in Canada. You are eligible to the Loan and Bursary by Aides financières aux étudiants (AFE).

Kids & Teens


Seize the opportunity for an exciting exchange in a different part of the world! SA Institute is a trusted partner of many linguistic and cultural organizations. Welcome to Quebec as Permanent or Temporary Workers, Foreign Students or Businesspeople. Starting your international experience with our professional consultant today!

Linguistic Training

We think of the potential of your children and support their development through our Art & Music, Academic and Recreational Programs. We offer tutoring services for elementary and secondary school students. Moreover, our Summer and Winter Camp helps the youth become more confident and independent!

You can learn a new language at any age! Whether you are learning a new language for study, for work or for fun, we offer a variety of language courses: French, English and Chinese; TEFAQ and IELTS. SA Institute offers dynamic and interactive classes taught by experienced teachers.

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Accounting DVS

Starting Business

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International Students


Linguistic, TEFAQ, IELTS

Summer&Winter Camps Teacher Exchange


Art & Music



Linguistic Training

Summer & Winter Camps


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