Preschool Course

Yes, Langlang Chinese
The course is designed to develop students' Chinese overall language skill. The textbook " YES, Langlang CHINESE" , which includes paper textbooks, online courses, interactive multimedia and teaching service system, is specifically designed for children overseas.The paper-based textbooks and interactive multimedia are well-combined and help students learn Chinese efficiently. After finishing the whole 6 volumes, students will reach Chinese level 4. Age: start from 3 years old.

Preschool French
The course is designed to help preschool kids to learn French in immersion class. Variety of reading worksheets, traditional songs and folk songs will create a low-stress learning environment to help students better understand french culture and immerse it comfortably.

Preschool English
The course is designed to improve students' overall language skills. Canadian English school board teaching materials and variety worksheets are used to help the students acquire phonics rules, basic grammar principles and vocabularies. Students will learn English through stories, games and interactive activities.

Preschool Olympic Maths
The course is designed to enable our students to acquire the mathematical mind. Mathematical Olympiad can improve students' interests in learning mathematics and creativity through its interesting topics. Students can use the mathematical knowledge learned and apply it to everyday life.