International Student Course

500 Hours French Course for International Students
This course is designed to improve internatial students' overall French language ability.Specific materials for Chinese students will be used in the class.Grammar will be taught by senior Chinese professor and teacher of native French speaker will be in charge of oral French. In this way, students will make great progress in a short term.

French Welcoming Class
The course is designed to improve students' French competence and help them meet the requirement of regular French class. Interesting well-directed exercises will be used to tutor students in French pronunciation, grammar, reading comprehension and writing.

Preparation for TEFAQ-B2
The course is designed to well prepare students in TEFAQ-B2. Our professional teacher develops well-directed oral and listening comprehention exercises to help students suceed in the examination.

Preparation for TOEFL/IELTS/SAT
The course is designed to help students to get ideal score in TOEFL/IELTS/SAT. Students will improve their English competence comprehensivly in a short period time through intensive and well-directed exercises. We have experienced excellent teachers and guarentee students with contract to get full refund if they fail in the exams.