Climbing Tree At Arbraska

Sino summer camp activities - Climbing Tree At Arbraska July 24th Japan plus camp ARBRASKA forest tree climbing Notes Departure time and place: July 24 April (Friday)) 08:30 AM Orange Line subway station Place - d'Armes exit (Rue Saint - Urbain and and Rue Saint Antoine O. intersection) Departure at morning 09:00 Brossard Bus Terminal (1875 Panama Street) before (Please parents who send their children to 15 minutes in advance, so that we can out) Return time and place: July 24 April (Friday)) 16:00 arrive at school (1929 Boul. De Maisonneuve O.), please parents promptly to pick up their kids In order to ensure that children in this tree climbing activities more enjoyable fun, parents should prepare the following items for the kids: 1. One pair of garden gloves (mainly in order to prevent the children can catch the rope, do not hand rubs) 2. Please be sure to let the children wear long-sleeved T-shirt or sweatshirt, sports trousers or pantyhose (do not wear shorts), sneakers (please do not wear sandals or slippers). 3. A sun hat or sports cap, a pair of sunglasses. 4. One kettle that can refill water, to facilitate the child can always add water. 5, A sunscreen, insect repellent, towel or sweat towel and two Band-Aid 6. Prepare a raincoat for kids, to prepare for contingencies. 7. For dining, prepare some fruits for the children , biscuits as supplementary energy use, as well as some shabu-shabu dish (enough for their own children to eat it).

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