Memory for climbing tree at ARBRASKA

When headmaster Lao start to organize the ARBRASKA climbing tree activity, I registered the activity immediately. I took part in the activities several times and I can feel their great concern to children and the intimate relationship between parents and teachers as well as the organizers, they like a real family! Andy and Denden are the youngest children to participate in activities of for climbing trees, but they show the perseverance and ability beyond our parents can imagine up in the tree climbing activity. Andy is very interested in this activity. At the first lap, he still need his mother to fix the clasp buckle, a few laps after, more and more children can finish their task independently except few children. Because they are to little to clime trees. The most important thing is that there is a great satisfaction for them. When we are climbing trees, Miss lao and several parents are preparing lunch intensively. When we climbed 2 laps, we are so hungry and it is time for us to eat. So, we go back to the camp, the lunch hot pot is boiling. Without any useless words, we began to eat, and the food is really delicious! After lunch, we continue to climb trees. At the same time, Miss lao and other parents start to clean the dishes. They have been working so hard! Most of kids participating in the activity are students in summer camp. They are very independent and disciplined. Moreover, they follow the teacher's schedule perfectly. On the other hand, they learn how to help each other and remind each other. The whole event is very successful and we look forward to the next event!

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