Art and Sport Course

Table Tennis
Participants will learn the basic rules, techniques and skills to better understand and appreciate the sport. They will also play against each other in a tournament format.

Martial Arts For Kids
Martial arts are not only for adults. Our program meets the needs of children of 3-14 years and our instructors are specially trained to work with children of preschool age. In this program, kids will learn to follow the instructions of their coach and work with others. We wish to bring martial arts into the life of your child, not only as a sport but as a way of life that will help him be a winner in life.

Yoga For Kids
The kid yoga classe teach breathing exercises (pranayama) ,concentration, 12 postures (asanas) and a final relaxation. Children will learn to channel their energy through breathing exercises They will also learn to stretch and tone their body through the practice of different postures. Finally, they will learn to relax during the final relaxation. The kids will have fun in the class and get a sense to lead a healthy, simply and happy life.

The course is designed for the kids who like dancing. In the class, different dance genres will be explored in the class, such as jazz, hip hop,ballet, ect.. In the class, the kids will different styles of dance and music by learning technical moves, combinations and choreography. A dynamic course that allows to have fun while solidifying a rich and varied training.

This course is design to promote the sensory and motor development of the kids and help them to learn some basic drawing tequenique. Several courses are offered for children: We divided the class into two age groups: the 6-9 years and 9-14 years.

Ukulele can be an excellent choice of instrument for several reasons: First, Ukulele is small which makes it easy to carry everywhere (at school, on a trip to summer camp etc.) It is an instrument for all. Secondly, Ukulele can serve as an introduction to learn guitar and the two instruments complement each other very well: one can switch from one to another easily.